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Construction Cleaning

Comprehensive Construction Cleaning Services 

Our construction cleaning service includes both post-construction cleaning and per phase construction cleaning during your project. We clean new corporate buildings, shopping centers, high-rise condominiums, schools, multi-family projects, and renovations.

Construction is a dirty business, leaving lots of dust and debris in its wake. And after spending countless hours building a project you and your clients can be proud of, you want to make sure the finishing touches boldly reflect the image you wish to present.

Our experienced staff of cleaning professionals provide a one-stop solution for achieving and maintaining the image you wish to project—an image that will impress clients, while simultaneously enhancing employee morale and productivity.

"Your project isn't complete until it's clean"

  • Construction isn’t complete until everything is dust and debris free.
  • Dust and debris buildup impacts both air quality and site experience.
  • A construction site cleaning services leaves your project prepared for inspection, and occupancy by safely removing materials and debris.
  • In every industry, construction delays have big impacts especially on your bottom line. Delays can frustrate tenants, property managers and investors. Using a construction cleaning service will eliminate these potential issues.

Composite Cleaning

D&L Cleanup provides construction cleaning services for commercial construction projects; no project is too large for D&L Cleanup! We will remove the debris, providing for a safe work environment while the building is being built.

Rough Cleaning

During this initial phase of post-construction cleaning, D&L Cleanup will remove all debris and trash from the worksite, and pre-clean all floors—scraping and sweeping as necessary—in preparation for carpet or tile installation.

Post-Construction Final Cleaning

D&L Cleanup cleans the entire space so the building is move-in ready. During this final phase of post-construction cleaning, D&L Cleanup strives to showcase your success by performing all of the essential, final touches before owners or tenants move into their new space. We will vacuum all carpets, and detail all surfaces and appliances—including all of the little nooks and crannies—along with all windows sills, doorframes, and hinges.

Floor and Carpet Cleaning Services

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