Office Cleaning

Our comprehensive, daily office cleaning services will ensure your place of business is inviting, welcoming, and truly clean.

Using only environmentally friendly cleaning products, our dedicated staff of highly trained, cleaning professionals will fully satisfy all of your daily cleaning and janitorial needs.

Our staff will work with you to create a tailored cleaning program—with a customized, site-specific schedule—that not only suits your current needs, but can be quickly revised to address your evolving needs. Our services include of all the following, plus any unique or special requests:

  • Polish desks and tables
  • Wipe down chairs
  • Clean and sanitize phones
  • Empty trash containers and replace liners
  • Damp mop all washable floors
  • Vacuum all carpeting
  • Clean and sanitize toilets, sinks, and showers
  • Clean mirrors and floor drains
  • Fill all dispensers: soap, towel, tissue
  • Clean all glass doors and interior glass
  • Clean all ledges, window sills, door frames, walls, and baseboards
  • Windows
  • Tile & Cement
  • Seal Concrete & Stone Floors
  • Strip & wax floors
  • Professional carpet cleaning
  • Construction trailer cleaning

Construction Cleaning

  • D&L Cleanup provides comprehensive, construction cleaning services to meet the needs of developers and renovators. Our construction cleaning service includes both post-construction cleaning and per phase construction cleaning during your project. We clean new corporate buildings, shopping centers, high-rise condominiums, schools, multi-family projects, and renovations.

    Construction is a dirty business, leaving lots of dust and debris in its wake. And after spending countless hours building a project you and your clients can be proud of, you want to make sure the finishing touches boldly reflect the image you wish to present.

    Our experienced staff of cleaning professionals provide a one-stop solution for achieving and maintaining the image you wish to project—an image that will impress clients, while simultaneously enhancing employee morale and productivity.

    Rough Interior Construction Clean-Up:
    During this initial phase of post-construction cleaning, D&L Cleanup will remove all debris and trash from the worksite, and pre-clean all floors—scraping and sweeping as necessary—in preparation for carpet or tile installation. We will also wash all windows and dust all surfaces.

    Final Interior Construction Clean-Up:
    During this final phase of post-construction cleaning, D&L Cleanup strives to showcase your success by performing all of the essential, final touches before owners or tenants move into their new space. We will vacuum all carpets, and detail all surfaces and appliances—including all of the little nooks and crannies—along with all windows sills, doorframes, and hinges.

  • Event Cleaning

    Pre-Event Cleaning and Setup:
    D&L Cleanup brings the same painstaking, attention to detail it applies to offices and commercial properties to multipurpose arenas, conference centers, and special event halls. We will work closely with your staff to determine the level of pre-cleaning that will be required prior to your event. Our staff then arrives early with the right equipment and supplies to do the job to your complete and total satisfaction. Our services include deep cleaning of rug and floors — and in particular, ensuring that all restrooms are truly clean.

    Live Event Cleaning:
    During live events, accidents happen. It doesn't matter if it's a sporting event, a concert or even a convention. Spills happen. Litter accumulates. Garbage piles up—creating potential hazards and detracting from the quality of your event. Having D&L Cleanup on hand to provide as needed and emergency cleaning can be critical to ensuring your event’s success.

    Post-Event Cleaning and Breakdown:
    Post-event cleanup requires effective coordination between our staff and yours. D&L Cleanup will work closely with your facility manager to ensure a smooth transition between major events. After-hours cleaning is our specialty. The moment your game, concert, or convention ends, our dedicated staff will immediately begin cleaning your floors and restrooms, and removing all litter and trash. We work quickly and efficiently, ensuring your facility is ready for its next event in record time.

  • Overnight Commercial Cleaning

    When a customer walks into your restaurant, cafe, bistro or diner, the first thing he notices is the general level of cleanliness. If your restaurant isn’t clean, he won't be staying—much less coming back. Your level of cleanliness can make or break your business. You could spend days training your employees how to properly clean your restaurant—or you could hire a professional cleaning company.

    The professionals at D&L Cleanup are experts in cleaning food service facilities. Instead of tying up your staff doing something that's not really their area of expertise, let us thoroughly and efficiently clean all of your food preparation areas, dining areas, and restrooms. Don't fear health inspections, because you don't have the correct kitchen cleaning equipment or the most effective cleaning supplies for your restrooms. Leave the daily, weekly, and monthly cleaning tasks to us. We get results—results you can see. Results your customers will admire.

    We know you only make money when your restaurant is open. That's why we will work around your schedule. Days, nights, early mornings, weekends—whatever you need, whenever you need us. Our dedicated staff will leave your restaurant or commercial kitchen sparkling—everyday, and in every way—while fully satisfying all fire and insurance requirements. Contact us for a quote.

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